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Kids Playing Carnival Game


Hello! It's me Jorge. That photo you see above is not me and not my family. Its a total stock photo until I can have some decent photos done. Until then, well, you get the

I am a former Los Angelino. Born and raised in Cali. I moved to Texas over 10 years ago with my now wife. we have two beautiful babies together. Max and Ari and we just recently got married. (I even shot my own wedding, just a little bit of it. lol) I am also a filmmaker. I have worked on tons of short films and even wrote and directed my own feature film. I have a cinematic eye and I LOVE filming weddings with a cinematic approach. From a sweeping romantic version of your special day to a high energy fast cutting film capturing the fun part of your day also!

Contact me today, lets talk it out and find out what I can do for your special day! Im confident its going to be something amazing.

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